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ps. The photo is of 3 sisters who used to live in our home town - our dad took this photo in the 1960s.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Great Fun @ Class Fusing & Slumping

I had a great time and met some great people at the Glass Fusing & Slumping workshop last week.  The tutor, Becky and the workshop at WarmGlass were excellent - I really wanted to bring all of their glass home with me, they had some lovely stuff.

I finally found out what glass fusing and slumping are - basically the fusing part is where you fuse two 3mm sheets of glass together with glass powder, pieces of cut glass, fritz (larger granuals of glass) or glass paint in the middle or on top.  Its then put into a kiln and fired - WarmGlass are going to post me my finished projects sometime this week but here is a photo of my pre-fired coasters:

My four coasters are in the bottom corner
My slumping project combined fusing and then slumping - which is basically sticking it in the kiln again and melting it over a shaped over a kilnproof mould.  I decided to do an underwater scene with sea urchins - but you wouldn't guess from my photo below:

Underwater Scene Honest!
And Finally.... thanks to Lesley, we've now got 4 people on our next Felt Making Course on the 1st Oct!!!  And in case you know of anyone who may be interested - I've reduced the cost to £30 for one or £50 for two!

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