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ps. The photo is of 3 sisters who used to live in our home town - our dad took this photo in the 1960s.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Starting and Not Finishing

Its been over a week since I last blogged - 'Why' you may ask - well I've started loads of things and not finished any of them and I always like to post some photos of something that I've made or that someone else has.  So this week I haven't anything to show for my time, which leads me to think I need to start focussing a bit more. 

Here are a list of projects that I have on the go:
  • Felt purse with white hearts - half beaded with seed beads
  • Nuno felt waist coat - felted but needs shaping and edging
  • Mosaic door number - waiting to be grouted
  • Knitted rabbit - only the head exists
  • Mosaic cottage name - the name is almost complete, but its still waiting for the background
So, this week I promise that I am going to complete at least half of these projects and will finish them all before I move onto anything new!

Talking of new projects, our little Thursday night craft club is going to move onto making something from recycled material after we have finished our latest projects.  I think we should have a competition to see who makes the best recycled product - I will think of a suitable prize!!

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